Trieste Celebrates Director Laura Samani’s Cinematic Journey

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by InTrieste

Yesterday at 5 PM, the ShorTS film festival spotlighted the Campolungo section, featuring the acclaimed cinema of the world-famous Trieste director, Laura Samani.

The Triestine director captivated attendees with a masterclass, delving into the intricate process behind her short films “The Sleeping Saint” and “The Summer is Over – Notes on Furio.”

Samani also reflected on her remarkable 2022 debut feature, “Small Body,” which garnered critical acclaim at the Cannes Critics’ Week. The film’s success continued as it secured the David di Donatello for Best Directorial Debut and received a nomination for the Silver Ribbons.

The evening culminated in a screening of “Small Body,” offering the audience a chance to experience the film that has marked a significant milestone in Samani’s burgeoning career.

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