GeoAdriatico: Trieste’s Geopolitical Symposium Aims to Tackle Global Challenges

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by InTrieste

An ambitious international symposium is set to address some of the most pressing global issues of our time in Trieste. GeoAdriatico, a premier gathering on geopolitics, will convene from June 13 to 16, 2024, focusing on a wide array of critical topics such as the Red Sea crisis, wars, migrations, Eastern Europe, climate change, the blue economy, scientific diplomacy, international cooperation, and the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

Promoted by Vitale Onlus in partnership with the University of Trieste, GeoAdriatico seeks to explore Italy’s role in the evolving geopolitical landscape and the Mediterranean Forum, while also considering the G20 as a platform for cooperation on transport, port infrastructure, maritime issues, and space.

“The University of Trieste supports the same objectives as GeoAdriatico,” said Roberto Di Lenarda, the university’s rector. “The symposium has been working for years to promote the integration of knowledge and encourage constructive dialogue among scientists, diplomats, religious leaders, and public officials.”

Di Lenarda emphasized that fostering dialogue and collaboration across academic, political, and socio-economic spheres represents the best path to resolving conflicts and addressing the challenges of our time. “We share a message of hope,” he added, “which is also a concrete commitment to the younger generations, particularly distressed by ongoing global crises.”

The event has garnered significant support, enjoying the patronage of the Senate of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

“We need to bring dialogue back to the center of political, economic, and cultural decisions,” declared Roberto Vitale, president of Vitale Onlus and creator of the symposium. “Trieste is an example of integration and international dialogue that needs to be exported worldwide.”

The symposium will feature a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and professor at the University of Ljubljana; Pierpaolo Ribusso, coordinator of Sea Policy Structure of the Prime Minister’s Office; Marco Di Liddo, director of the International Studies Center; and Stephen Taylor, coordinator of the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley project.

High-level officials and experts will offer their insights, including Nello Musumeci, Minister of Civil Protection and Sea Policies; Maria Tripodi, Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Dario Giacomin, NATO and EU military representative in Brussels; and Giorgio Marrapodi, Italian Ambassador to Turkey.

Among the more than 100 participants representing 13 nations are prominent academics and industry leaders such as Rodolfo Taccani, professor at the University of Trieste; Florence Colleoni, climatologist at the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS); and Max Paoli, coordinator of UNESCO-TWAS projects.

GeoAdriatico will also commemorate the 150th anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi’s birth, discussing the legacy of his contributions to radio wave communication. Space exploration and its future will be a significant topic, with contributions from Anna Gregorio, astrophysicist at the University of Trieste, and Fabrizio Fiore, director of the Trieste Astronomical Observatory.

The symposium will not shy away from addressing complex economic and geopolitical issues. Topics will include the financial economy of Eastern Europe, with insights from Francesco Deana, professor at the University of Udine, and Stefano Pilotto, professor at MIB Trieste School of Management.

A panel dedicated to the importance of multireligiosity in supporting peace will feature speakers like Malvina Savio, a Buddhist nun, and Federico Donelli, professor of international relations at the University of Trieste.

GeoAdriatico, with media partnerships from ANSA and InTrieste and support from BCC Venezia Giulia, aims to be a beacon of dialogue and cooperation in a time of global uncertainty. As the world grapples with conflicts and crises, this symposium in Trieste stands as a testament to the enduring power of international collaboration and the relentless pursuit of sustainable development and peace.



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