Mare Nordest Festival: A Celebration of Sea, Science, and Sustainability

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Building on the success of previous years, Mare Nordest festival promises to be a vibrant confluence of sport, culture, science, and environmental advocacy from June 14-16.

The event, organized by the Mare Nordest Amateur Sports Association in collaboration with the Municipality of Trieste and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the patronage of Italy’s Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, aims to serve as a focal point for maritime activities in the northern Adriatic.

Nestled within the iconic Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, a welcoming 700-square-meter tensile structure will host a plethora of activities. Attendees can engage with themes spanning from sport to science, history, fashion, and art, all accessible for free. The festival will be open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM, offering a comprehensive schedule that ensures there is something for everyone.

Crossing Borders and Embracing Traditions

A highlight of this year’s event is the “Three Nations Crossing,” a 27-kilometer swim from Punta Salvore in Croatia to Trieste, featuring champion swimmer Silvia Boidi and athletes from Croatia and Slovenia. This demanding swim, scheduled to start at 8 AM on June 15, not only showcases athletic prowess but also symbolizes the festival’s theme, “A Sea Without Borders,” celebrating international cooperation and unity.

The festival also proudly presents the International Underwater Activities Exhibition and the prestigious Trident d’Oro Awards ceremony. This year, the awards honor notable figures such as explorer Andrea Alpini and oceanographer François Sarano, among others, recognizing their significant contributions to marine exploration and science. The awards ceremony will take place at 6 PM on June 14.

Science Meets the Sea

A high-profile conference on scuttling — the controlled sinking of ships to create marine habitats — and the Trieste Naval Park Project will delve into innovative environmental practices. Esteemed speakers include environmental and maritime experts from various institutions, highlighting the global relevance of these topics. This conference is scheduled for 2 PM on June 15.

The event will also unveil the Namirs (North Adriatic Maritime Incident Response System) project, aimed at strengthening marine pollution management and disaster prevention across Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. The presentation of this project will occur at 11 AM on June 16.

Fashion and the Future

Adding a touch of glamour, the second edition of the Trieste Sustainable Fashion Show will grace the festival. This year’s theme, “The Ethical Value of Beauty,” promises a captivating blend of nature-inspired fashion, children’s innocence, and women’s sensuality, all set to a soundtrack curated by DJ Alberto. The fashion show will take place at 5 PM on June 15.

Reflecting on History and Innovation

Mare Nordest 2024 includes a commemorative conference on the heroic feats of Italian naval history, featuring stories from World War II. Concurrently, modern scientific explorations will be showcased, such as Donato Giovannelli’s deep-sea research with the submarine Alvin, offering a glimpse into the planet’s unexplored underwater realms. This conference is set for 3 PM on June 14.

A Platform for Knowledge and Learning

The festival will also cater to younger audiences with educational workshops organized by renowned scientific institutions, including the University of Trieste and the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics. These activities aim to foster a deeper understanding and respect for marine environments among the next generation. Workshops will be held throughout the festival from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Trieste’s Mare Nordest Festival stands as a testament to the city’s rich maritime heritage and its commitment to sustainable development. As the festival unfolds, it not only celebrates the wonders of the sea but also serves as a beacon for environmental stewardship and international collaboration.

Mare Nordest 2024 is set to leave an indelible mark on Trieste, bringing together a community of sea enthusiasts, scientists, and artists in a shared celebration of our world’s most vital resource.

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