SISSA Opens its Doors: Bridging Science and Society in Trieste

SISSA Trieste. Photo credits, SISSA.
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In an effort to engage the public and foster a deeper understanding of science, the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) is hosting its annual Open Day on May 17th. Starting at 2:00 PM local time, the event promises an enriching afternoon packed with activities catering to all age groups.

Located at via Bonomea 265 in Trieste, SISSA invites visitors to explore its facilities, including cutting-edge laboratories specializing in cellular culture and neurogenomics. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realms of cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics through guided tours, interactive discussions, and insightful presentations led by esteemed researchers.

According to Andrea Romanino, Director of SISSA, this year’s Open Day holds particular significance as it marks the institution’s first major public event following the easing of pandemic restrictions. “We hope to foster a sense of belonging and community,” Mr. Romanino remarked. “Our aim is to make science accessible and enjoyable for everyone, especially the younger generation.”

The program features a diverse array of attractions, with highlights including engaging workshops for children and thought-provoking talks on topics such as diversity and inclusion in the scientific community. Additionally, attendees can immerse themselves in the arts with theatrical performances and documentary screenings, further bridging the gap between science and culture.

One of the event’s most anticipated segments is the theatrical production “Parl(IA)moci – Impossible Dialogue between Alma and Gustav Mahler,” slated for 6:00 PM. Blending history, technology, and live performance, this innovative showcase explores the complex relationship between the renowned composer Gustav Mahler and his wife Alma through an intriguing dialogue facilitated by artificial intelligence.

As part of the wider Scientific Festival “Scienza e Virgola” (Science and Comma), organized by SISSA’s Interdisciplinary Laboratory, the Open Day promises to be an illuminating experience for attendees of all backgrounds. With its emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility, SISSA continues to serve as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the heart of Trieste.

For those seeking to expand their horizons and engage with the forefront of scientific research, SISSA’s Open Day offers a captivating journey into the wonders of academia and discovery.

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