Trieste Hosts Local Selection of FameLab, International Science Communication Talent Show

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Trieste is once again set to host one of the most anticipated events in the realm of science communication. On Friday, April 5th, the prestigious Luttazzi Hall in Magazzino 26 will serve as the stage for the local selection round of FameLab, the renowned international talent show dedicated to scientific communication.

FameLab, conceived in 2005 in the United Kingdom and now orchestrated in Italy by Psiquadro, challenges participants to distill the essence of their research into a concise, engaging, and understandable presentation within a mere three-minute window.

This year, Trieste joins eleven other cities worldwide as a stop on the FameLab circuit, solidifying its status as a hub for intellectual exchange and innovation. The event, a collaborative effort between Immaginario Scientifico, the University of Trieste, the University of Udine, SISSA – International School for Advanced Studies, and the Municipality of Trieste, supported by the Trieste City of Knowledge Memorandum of Understanding, promises to showcase the brightest minds in the field.

As candidates hailing from esteemed institutions such as the University of Trieste, University of Udine, SISSA, OGS, and ICTP take to the Luttazzi Hall stage, they will eschew visual aids in favor of pure communication prowess. With only their words and charisma at their disposal, contestants aim to captivate both the discerning jury and the eager audience, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of scientific inquiry.

The event, open to the public with complimentary admission, anticipates the attendance of numerous high school classes, further emphasizing its role as an educational platform for the next generation of scholars.

For the victors of the local selection, accolades await in the form of cash prizes and coveted opportunities for further professional development. The top two contestants will secure a spot in a Masterclass in scientific communication slated for June in Perugia, as well as advancement to the National Final slated for autumn 2024. Additionally, the first-place winner will earn exclusive access to a course within the esteemed Master in Science Communication program at SISSA in Trieste.

Yet, the pinnacle of success lies beyond the borders of Italy, as the crowned champion of FameLab Italia 2024 will journey to the international stage for the grand finale in November. There, they will represent their country against a global cohort of contenders, vying for recognition as the epitome of scientific communication prowess.

For participants, FameLab serves as a platform to disseminate their research endeavors, fostering international collaboration and offering invaluable training in effective communication techniques. Meanwhile, for the audience, it presents an opportunity to witness science in a new light — one that is not only informative but also imbued with humanity, humor, and passion.

In an age where scientific literacy and public engagement are paramount, events like FameLab continue to bridge the gap between academia and society, ensuring that the wonders of scientific discovery resonate with audiences far and wide. As Trieste prepares to host this celebration of knowledge and communication, it reaffirms its position as a beacon of intellectual curiosity and innovation on the global stage.

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