Science and Comma Festival Returns to Trieste

SISSA Trieste. Photo credits, SISSA.
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Science and Comma, the acclaimed Science and Media Festival organized by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), is set to make its triumphant return to Trieste from May 16th to 21st, 2024, for its highly anticipated 8th edition. Under the artistic direction of renowned writer Paolo Giordano, the festival promises an immersive experience blending science, literature, and media.

Kicking off on Thursday, May 16th, at the Sala Piccola Fenice, the festival’s inaugural event will feature a captivating dialogue between Giordano and acclaimed writers Olivia Laing and Chiara Valerio. Laing, known for her international bestseller “Lonely City,” will offer insights into her latest work, “The Garden Against Time,” making its national premiere at the festival. Joining her is Valerio, editor at Marsilio and author of the thought-provoking “Who Speaks and Who Remains Silent.”

With a focus on diversity in public discourse surrounding science, the festival aims to showcase a myriad of viewpoints, particularly emphasizing the contributions of female scientists, journalists, and writers. Nico Pitrelli, the festival’s scientific and organizational manager, asserts, “Diversity enriches both research and public discourse on science. Our program reflects a commitment to inclusivity in the production and dissemination of knowledge.”

The festival’s agenda includes a diverse array of events, from literary discussions with Italian and international authors to experiential workshops and film screenings. Giordano elaborates, “Our aim is to explore the intersections of freedom and creativity in science and literature, fostering dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries.”

Among the highlights is Laing’s latest work, “The Garden Against Time,” which delves into the transformative power of gardens amidst the backdrop of a pandemic-stricken world. From Milton’s “Paradise Lost” to William Morris’s vision of a common Eden, the book explores the significance of green spaces as sites of regeneration and hope.

The program will be unveiled on April 16th at the historic Caffè San Marco, marking the official countdown to the festival’s much-anticipated return. Partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Teatro Miela Bonawentura and the Associazione Casa del Cinema underscore the festival’s significance as a cultural and intellectual hub in the Trieste community.

Supported by foundations and institutions including Fondazioni Casali, Fondazione CRTrieste, and the National Institute of Statistics (Istat), Science and Comma 2024 is poised to elevate the discourse on science and media, embracing diversity and innovation every step of the way.

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