A Brief Local’s Guide to Spring in Trieste: Home of The Spritz Bianco and Rebechin

Photo credits Victor Caneva
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by InTrieste

Is there anything better than spring in one of the most beautiful citifies on the Adriatic? We are talking about Trieste, naturally, and the way it transforms into the place-to-be during those sublime spring months.


The daily, open-air market in Piazza St Antonio is a riotous celebration of food. Scores of colorful stalls sit in the shadow of two grand churches, St Antonio and San Spiridione, underlying the tranquil cohabitation of various cultures in the city. The market stalls are lined with irresistible delicatessens from Friuli Venezia Giulia region specializing in salami and prosciutto San Daniele, parmesan cheese, salt cod and fresh pasta.

Book a table for lunch at the nearby Da Giovanni, a cucina casalinga (home-style cooking) institution, a true rebechin mecca where a €10, steaming plate of spaghetti with sausage and radicchio can be followed by a Triestine specialty such as creamy baccalà. 

Photography credits Nick Day


Right in the heart of San Vito neighborhood, running alongside the magnificent San Giusto castle, Parco di Villa Bazzoni, at via dei Navali 9 is a beautiful park boasting a few old water wells and pumps, as well as Roman wolf with Romulus and Remus statue. The Villa Bazzoni was built in 1830, to the design of Cividale architect Giovan Battista de Puppi, on a vast lower Chiarbola property that stretched to the ridge of San Vito hill. The client was Gracco Bazzoni(1798-1871), a Lombardo trader from a prestigious family. His son Riccardo Bazzoni became the first and very popular mayor of Trieste from 1878 to 1890. The park is open daily until sunset and is a perfectly delightful place for a stroll, meditation or quick jog.

Photography credits Victor Caneva


The life and beating heart of Trieste is the Cavana district, a maze of narrow streets that run off Piazza Unità. Just as lively during the day as at night, it is rich with open-air cafes and bars, from Mug and Chocolat to SET and Adoro caféTorrefazione la Triestina is the place to get your morning capo-in-b, while the shaded terrace of hip Life Cafe is ideal for an aperitivo.

Photography credits Keiron Mayora


Barcola beach is where you’ll find most Triestini once the spring sun’s out. Most famous stretch of concrete known as the best walk in winter time and the place to get a tan in the warm days, Barcola is our city’s version of the Golden Coast. Bring your towel or your lounge chair and don’t forget to give a few friendly nods to locals lounging under the pine trees. For Trieste’s spring and summer favorite spritz bianco by the sea, head to Barcola’s Pane Quotidiano and enjoy what Triestini call “viva la e po’ bon”. 

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