Nobel Prize Winner Giorgio Parisi Elected Member Of TWAS

Giorgio Parisi. Photo credits Keiron Mayora
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by InTrieste

The Trieste based Academy elected 47 new TWAS Fellows, among them the Nobel laureate, physicist Giorgio Parisi from Italy, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021.

This addition elevates the count of Nobel laureates within the Academy’s membership to 13. Also, 19 new members are women — which amounts to 40% of the new cohort.

Three newly elected Fellows hail from science- and technology-lagging countries that have been underrepresented in the TWAS membership: Bolivia, Nepal and Yemen, the latter two being least developed countries. Furthermore, five additional Fellows are from other science- and technology-lagging countries: two from Bangladesh, and one each from Cameroon, Kenya, and Sri Lanka.

Three more new Fellows are from other countries in the global South underrepresented in TWAS: two from Morocco, and one from Jamaica. The first Fellow from Ukraine was elected, thus expanding even further the global presence of the Academy.

The election of the new Fellows will be effective starting on 1 January 2024, bringing the total TWAS membership to over 1,400.

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