Visiting Bastianich Winery in Cividale del Friuli

Photo credits Joanne Baldoni
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by MK

The sun was shining, the poppies were out and the air was filled with flower sent as we winded our way around the Bastianich wineries just outside Cividale del Friuli. 

Photo credits Joanne Baldoni

It was well into 35 degrees, but a breeze flew in through the car windows and the anticipation of wine tasting made the one hour trip to Bastianich winery worth the while.

Photo credits Joanne Baldoni

The purpose of our visit to the countryside surrounding the town known for its ‘devil’s bridge’ was to taste local wine produced by the Bastianich family.

“Welcome,” said Gerardo Paterna, our gracious host, as he smiled his whitest smile at us. “Let’s start with the vineyard”.

In Bastianich’s vineyard we learned that agriculturists are adapting to the challenges of climate change in order to survive, however some things can’t be helped.

“The region supports more natural approaches to vineyard maintenance and wine production,” said Gerardo. “That means all Colli Orientali DOC wines are to be watered by rain only.” 

Photo credit Joanne Baldoni

However, the overall environment found in temperatures, winds, and botanical balance are only a portion of the story for the wines of Colli Orientali del Friuli.

“Let’s give it a try,” said Gerardo handing us his favorite, ‘Friulano Plus’”. It went down easily with its transparent hue, crisp nose and apple-like flavors. 

“The wines of Colli Orientali del Friuli are known for having superb aging ability, with the whites in particular matching the aging ability of those from Champagne and Burgundy. Friulano Plus is perfect for tasting as it aged for 5 years and can be enjoyed for another 10 at least,” continued Gerardo. We went on to taste Ribolla galla, Vespa Bianca, Calabrone Rosso, and Schioppettino.

We finished our wine tasting extravaganza at the nearby restaurant “Orsone” managed by Bastianich family.

You can do the same by booking your wine tasting here:

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