European Elections 2024: Italian Citizens Navigate Voting Options

by InTrieste As the European elections of 2024 unfold across Italy, citizens in the northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia find themselves...

Major Italian Parties Unveil Immigration Proposals Ahead of European Elections

by InTrieste As Italy prepares for the upcoming European Parliament elections on June 8 and 9, the nation's leading political parties have...

Stakeholders Address European Commission in Session on Regional Concerns

by EH The Fifth Commission convened this week to begin hearings with stakeholders as part of the 2024 European Session. The initiative...

Political Showdown: Italy’s Leaders Gear Up for Historic TV Debate Ahead of EU Elections

by InTrieste In anticipation of the upcoming EU elections, Italy's political arena is set to witness a riveting showdown as Prime Minister...

Navigating Trieste’s Healthcare Debate Amidst Political Turbulence and Environmental Concerns

interviews: Sophie Renuldt In a heated debate gripping the corridors of power in Trieste, the intricate web of local healthcare has become...

Friuli Venezia Giulia and Virginia Forge Investment Collaboration: Strengthening Transatlantic Ties

by EH Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, emphasized the region's ongoing efforts to strengthen ties with U.S. counterparts during a...

Crisis Management: Regional Leaders Join Forces to Secure Jobs Amid Wartsila Turmoil

by EH In a resolute move to address the Wartsila crisis and secure local jobs, the Region, in alignment with various government...

Opposition Councilors Call for Removal of Regional Assessor Amidst Conflict of Interest Allegations

by InTrieste In a press conference held today, Thursday, December 11, in Trieste, opposition councilors in the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia...

Regional Commission for Gender Equality: Challenging the Status Quo

by InTrieste In the bustling arena of regional governance, the Regional Commission for Gender Equality emerges as a pivotal advisory body, intricately...

Governor Fedriga Leads Financial Landscape: A Deep Dive into Regional Councilors’ Diverse Incomes

by InTrieste In the annual unveiling of elected officials' financial disclosures, Governor Massimiliano Fedriga has emerged as the top earner among the...

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