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News category concerns the latest developments in the city of Trieste and in Italy in general. This category is about everything from new decrees, rules, important information essential for the city of Trieste and its citizens.

Miramare’s Cultural Renaissance: A Vibrant Agenda Unveiled for 2024

by InTrieste In a bid to solidify its status as a cultural hub within the city and the broader region, Miramare is...

FVG Sees Outdoor Tourism Surge: Cultural Shift and Investment Highlighted

by InTrieste Outdoor vacations have undergone a significant boom over the past decade, driving a cultural shift in tourism. In Friuli Venezia...

Trieste University: Forging a Path to Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility

by EH Trieste University is set to inaugurate its San Giusto Chair on February 21st, coinciding with the commencement of a series...

FVG Leads the Way: A Blueprint for Equitable and Sustainable Well-being

by InTrieste In the debut of an illuminating report by Istat, Friuli Venezia Giulia emerges as a beacon of progress, showcasing exemplary...

‘Gloria!’ Premieres at Berlinale, Showcasing FVG’s Cinematic Excellence

by InTrieste After more than 15 years of absence, Friuli Venezia Giulia returns as a protagonist at the Berlinale, the International Film...

Trieste Set to Host Second General States Meeting on Sustainable Development in Upper Adriatic...

by EH In a bid to address pressing environmental concerns, particularly air quality, the second meeting of the General States for Sustainable...

Marine Cleanup Effort: Restoring Sticco Mare’s Underwater Environment

by InTrieste In a valiant effort to reclaim Sticco Mare's waters from the aftermath of last year's devastating storm surge, a team...

Sailing Legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to Grace Trieste with Maritime Tales

by InTrieste In a gathering poised to ignite the hearts of sailing enthusiasts, the venerable Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, renowned across the globe...

Friday Marked the Opening Night of ‘Ariadne auf Naxos’ at Verdi Theater

by InTrieste Friday night at the Verdi theater was a whirlwind of anticipation and activity, promising an evening of enthralling performance. As...

Trieste Unveils Ambitious Tree-Planting Initiative to Foster Urban Sustainability

by InTrieste In Largo Barriera this morning, against the backdrop of the "M'illumino di meno" initiative, a press conference unfolded, unveiling plans...

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