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Reviews, opinions and perspective on contemporary Italian and foreign cinema.

Cinema Under The Stars: Trieste’s Summer Spectacle in Giardino Pubblico

by InTrieste As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Trieste, the Casa del Cinema unveils its enchanting summer program, beckoning...

Laura Samani Takes Center Stage at ShorTS International Film Festival

by InTrieste In a move that promises to captivate audiences and cinephiles alike, Laura Samani, the acclaimed director renowned for her deeply...

At Cannes, An Insightful Conversation with Victor Toth

by MK Amid the glittering glamour and cinematic fervor of the Cannes Film Festival, we caught up with Victor Toth, a journalist...

At Cannes, A Journalist’s Perspective: Alan Viezzoli on This Year’s Standout Films

by MK Amid the glitz and glamour of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, we caught up with Alan Viezzoli, a journalist from...

Alan Jones on the Future of Science Fiction: Insights from the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival...

by MK Amid the glitz and glamour of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, where the world's cinematic elite gather, a different kind...

Naples’ Mythical Tale ‘Parthenope’ Leaves Critics Divided

by InTrieste Tuesday night at the Cannes Film Festival all eyes were on "Parthenope," the only Italian movie running for the prestigious...

Seaside Exposed: A Poetic Gaze Behind Vacation Escapades

by InTrieste In the quaint town of Lignano Sabbiadoro, nestled along the picturesque northern Adriatic coast, lies a cinema that will soon...

Triumph at the 69th David di Donatello Awards: ‘Io Capitano’ and ‘C’è ancora domani’...

by InTrieste Matteo Garrone's poignant migration-themed masterpiece "Io Capitano" and Paola Cortellesi’s empowering feminist dramedy "C'è ancora domani" emerged as the frontrunners...

Bergman’s Masterpiece “Wild Strawberries” to Grace Theater Dei Fabbri

by InTrieste In a rare cinematic treat for aficionados, Cappella Underground brings Ingmar Bergman's timeless classic "Il Posto delle Fragole" to the...

A Botanical Twist: Trieste’s Casa del Cinema Showcases Nature’s Role in Film

by InTrieste In a celebration merging the realms of art and nature, the Casa del Cinema Association of Trieste presents "The Botanical...

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