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Kira’s tips on psychological well-being

Mindful Ways To Spend The Weekend In Trieste

words and photography: Sai Joshi Winter mornings make it difficult to get out of bed making it the best time to be...

6 Tips For Staying On Your Feet When Everything Falls Apart

By Kira Stellato 1.​ ​Do not run away. Whenever we run away from fear - fear of losing a job, a love, a loved...

How to Spend a Healthy Sunday in Trieste

by Sai Joshi It's a common mistake to restrict the word “health” to just the physical context. There are also emotional, mental...

Discovering Local Habits Connected to Wellbeing

by Sai Joshi Triestini definitely standout when it comes to lifestyle in Italy. Over the past few months, I have been observing...

Can You Handle Change?

Dr Kira Stellato says: “Change is unavoidable. Sometimes, it’s within our control. But most often it’s not.”  https://vimeo.com/435796461 By Kira Stellato

Tips to Foster Mental Health & Build Resilience

by Kira Stellato Going back to school looked and felt different this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many...

How to Survive Holiday Eating? Be Mindful!

By Kira Stellato Here comes that Season again! The season of glitter, music, Christmas trees, birth, renewal, family and gratitude. It all looks...

It’s Back to School Time

By Kira Stellato Mindful Health and Living Coach Kira says: "This is usually a time filled with excitement. School supplies, books, clothes....

How to Handle Temptation

By Kira Stellato Mindful Health and Living Coach Kira says: "Everyone has experienced the desire to indulge in the things we truly...

When in Rome Do as the Romans Do: Why you Should Learn the Native...

Our mindful health and living coach Kira says: "Mastering multiple languages is a wonderful exercise for the brain. Studies have shown...

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