The Night Of San Giovanni In Trieste: Bonfires, Ancient Rituals And Traditions

by InTrieste Trieste celebrates the night of San Giovanni on June 23d with bonfires and ancient rituals that symbolize the beginning of...

Trieste’s Movie Theaters: From 35 down to 7 in 60 years

By Alessandra Ressa   Did you know that in 1956 there were thirty-five cinemas in Trieste? Considering the size of our town then, it seems...

Strong Bora Winds In The Forecast This Monday, 23 January

by InTrieste The Civil Protection (Protezione Civile) has issued a severe weather forecast in Trieste and Carso areas, putting our region in...

Triestini Brave the Rain for Winter Sales

by In Trieste Winter sales took off today in Trieste, 5 January, with a bit of rain and much enthusiasm. The post-Christmas...

Thursday Multicultural Aperitivi To Restart at Bar Tergesteo

by In Trieste Weekly multicultural aperitivi to restart this Thursday at Bar Tergesteo from 7 pm on. Expats in Trieste, a multicultural community...

Heatwave Alert in Trieste

By In Trieste A few more days of heat and muggy weather in Trieste as the city is set to experience an...

Duino Castel Reopened Its Doors to Public

by In Trieste After a longer than expected winter closure, Castello di Duino is finally opening its doors to public. Duino Castle, a...

Lignano Sabbiadoro Showcases Sand Nativity Scene

by In Trieste Artists have teamed up with local Christmas crib artisans to create a large Nativity scene made entirely from sand in...

Triestini Take Advantage of Short Break in Rain

by In Trieste After a couple of days of rain, even a brief respite was welcomed by Triestini to come outdoors before...

Google Celebrates Friuli Venezia Giulia

by In Trieste Google Arts & Culture celebrates our region by promoting the hidden gems of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Google Arts &...

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