Is the Dreaded Colpo D’Aria Real?

by InTrieste It may be unheard of to outsiders but one of the most common fears in Italy is getting hit by...

The Uncertainty Of Italian Multi-Ethnic Classrooms

by MK Italian schools are becoming ever more multi-ethnic according to recent studies and the report posted in the national newspaper La...

Charming San Michele Park, One of the Oldest in Europe

by Tamara Sretenović All photographs courtesy of Tamara Sretenović Somewhere between the sky and the sea, between the hills of San Giusto and...

An Englishman in Trieste: Richard Bassett On His Life-Long Love For the City by...

Interview: Maria Kochetkova Photography: Richard Bassett What's your story with Trieste? How did you end up here? Richard: I first came to Trieste in the...

A Love Letter to Trieste

Words: Raffaella De Lia Illustration: Olha Polonska Dearest T., Here I am, almost two years after we met, or 21 months, to be precise....

Discovering the Literary Spirit of Trieste

Words: Gary Singh Photography: Ashley Caneva On my first visit to Trieste a few years ago, I found myself wandering along the northern...

The Best Hotspots For a First Date in Trieste

by InTrieste The InTrieste editorial team with the help of our magazine’s readers shares some great ideas for a first date location,...

The Beauty Of Being A Tourist In Your Own City

words and photography: Alessandra Ressa Unfortunately for him, Mark Twain never visited Trieste on an icy Bora day. He would have otherwise...

Giorni della Merla: The Last Three Days of January

by In Trieste Italy's winter legend revolves around a bird and the last three days in January, a tradition known as i giorni...

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