Yoga: Finding Your Garlands of Freedom

by Gary Brackett All photographs courtesy of Erin McKinney Together with Eleonora Cedaro, I opened a yoga school in Trieste almost seven...

Triestine Summer Check-List

by Helena Zonta As the sun starts setting earlier each day we know summer is, unfortunately, slowly drawing to a close. We...

A Very Healthy Adventure Just A Drive Away From Trieste

by Helena Zonta If you're looking for inspiration for a short day trip close to Trieste, and particularly if you have kids...

Weekend Getaway in FVG: Lago di Cavazzo

Words and photography: Maria Kochetkova There’s nothing better than exploring the great outdoors. And if you live in Friuli Venezia Giulia consider...

Swimming With the Fish in Miramare

by Helena Zonta One of the great things about Trieste, if you’re a kid, is the centro estivo, summer camp, in the...

Public Pay Phones In Italy To Become A Thing Of The Past

by InTrieste Public pay phones on the streets of Italy will soon become a thing of the past after a decision was...

Local Communities in Shatters After Recent Storms Hit Friuli Venezia Giulia

by Althea Mallee Since arriving in Friuli Venezia Giulia last year, I’ve seen a variety of extreme weather conditions. Last year’s summer...

How A Brief Visit To Triskell Became Not So Brief

by Alex Sicilia I have always had a fascination with Celtic and Pagan culture, from the serenity of the solstices to tales...

Trieste in Six Books to Enjoy This Summer

words: Theodora Negrea illustration: Sofi Deynkea Trieste is known as a city of literature and the home to important literary figures of the...

John Jefferies: Health Is The Most Valuable Asset You Have

interview: MK We interviewed cardiologist John Jefferies, co-founder and partner of the Cotogna Sports, an investment group that targets opportunities globally and...

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