Rental Housing Becomes More Expensive in Trieste

by InTrieste Housing prices in Trieste have gone up drastically in the past four years, making it hard for the new to...

A Multicultural Culinary Passion: Frittole Across The World

Words: Theodora Negrea Illustration: Sofi Deyneka It’s the beginning of the year, and if you’ve been walking around Trieste, you’ve surely spotted the frittole:...

Friuli Venezia Giulia Weekend Getaway

by Helena & Massimiliano Zonta One of the great things about Trieste is that when you need a short break there...

Shoes and Relationships

Words: Raffaella De Lia Illustration: Victoria Tsaleva I put on a cute pair of shoes for the opening of an exhibit I was heading...

8 Things To Do On A Foggy Day In Venice

by Alessandra Ressa All photographs courtesy of Alessandra Ressa One of the great advantages of living in Trieste is having Venice within a...

The Magical Rebechin Tour

words and photography: Erin McKinney It goes without saying that Italians have an extraordinary reputation for food. We're all familiar with the...

Milan To Ban Cars From The City Center. What About Trieste?

by InTrieste Milan is to ban cars from the city center in 2024, the city's mayor confirmed this week, stating that people...

The Triestine Coffee Dilemma

words: MK illustration: Sofi Deyneka So, you came to Trieste? Great choice! The food, the wine, the history, and of course, the coffee. Italians, even...

Do Italians Dress For The Season Or The Weather?

by InTrieste The change of seasons in Italy is a big deal and dictates that your entire summer wardrobe is stowed away...

Is The Dreaded Colpo D’Aria Real?

by InTrieste It may be unheard of to outsiders but one of the most common fears in Italy is getting hit by...

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