Trieste’s Literary Kaleidoscope: Cultural Encounters at Ubik Bookstore

by InTrieste In a quaint corner of Trieste's bustling Galleria del Tergesteo lies Ubik Bookstore, a haven for literary enthusiasts and cultural...

Globesity: A Tale of Science, Intrigue, and the Battle for Health

by InTrieste In his doctoral thesis, the young and inexperienced researcher Giorgio Pani from the University of Padua delves into the effects...

Royal Revelations and Literary Triumphs: Inside Italy’s Best-Selling Books of 2023

by InTrieste Italy's literary landscape witnessed a seismic shake-up last year as Prince Harry's bombshell memoir, "Spare - Il Minore," seized the...

Trieste È Un’Isola: Francesco De Filippo On Writing A New Book About The City He...

by InTrieste How did Trieste get into its current state? And where do we go from here? Renowned author and journalist Francesco...

Trieste Next: Francesca Grazioli Wins The Science Book Of The Year Award

by InTrieste “Carnivorous Capitalism” by Francesca Grazioli wins the first edition of the Science Book of the Year Award, marking the end of...

Trieste In Five Books To Enjoy This Summer

by Theodora Negrea The InTrieste Summer Reading List is back! In last year’s summer edition, I shared with you six titles to...

Trieste in Six Books to Enjoy This Summer

words: Theodora Negrea illustration: Sofi Deynkea Trieste is known as a city of literature and the home to important literary figures of the...

TriesteBookFest Takes Over The City, 6-12 March

by InTrieste The 2023 edition of the TriesteBookFest returns to our city, taking place over 7 evenings from Monday 6 March to...

Bestselling Elena Ferrante’s Novel On Netflix

by InTrieste Netflix has adapted Elena Ferrante's bestselling novel La vita bugiarda degli adulti (The Lying Life of Adults) into a six-part series released...

Fulvio Marino Talks Bread, Pizza and Love

Interview: Maria Kochetkova Photography: Erin McKinney Fulvio Marino, a handsome baker who charms Italy every afternoon on Rai Uno, and a favorite of...

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