Maggiore Hospital Expands Access to Dental Care: A Beacon of Progress

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Nestled within the bustling corridors of Maggiore Hospital in Trieste, a quiet revolution is underway in the realm of dental care. Spearheading this transformative initiative is Dr. Roberto Di Lenarda, the visionary behind the Regional Public Dentistry Program of Friuli Venezia Giulia since 2016. In an exclusive interview from Maggiore hospital, Dr. Di Lenarda reflected on the journey and the impact of their groundbreaking approach.

“I am privileged to lead both the University of Trieste and the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Departments,” Dr. Di Lenarda shared. “Our mission here at Maggiore Hospital goes beyond education; it’s about redefining dental care accessibility.”

At the heart of this initiative lies the integration of education and practice. Within the preclinical confines of the hospital’s dental clinic, students from the University of Trieste undergo rigorous training. “We prepare our students meticulously,” Dr. Di Lenarda emphasized. “From theoretical groundwork to practical experience, our aim is to instill confidence and competence.”

The program’s hallmark is its commitment to equitable access to advanced dental treatments. “Dental procedures can be prohibitively expensive,” Dr. Di Lenarda acknowledged. “Through our innovative payment system, we ensure that complex treatments like implants are accessible based on patients’ financial capabilities.”

Moreover, Maggiore Hospital’s impact extends beyond clinical boundaries. Collaborations with external dental technicians facilitate the creation of specialized prosthetics, aiding patients recovering from oncological or traumatic injuries. Dr. Di Lenarda proudly showcased a vibrant mural created by local autistic children, illustrating their dedication to holistic patient care.

“In Italy, our model is pioneering,” Dr. Di Lenarda explained. “We offer immediate care through our emergency services, ensuring that no one is turned away due to financial constraints.”

Indeed, Maggiore Hospital stands as a beacon of comprehensive dental care, encompassing specialties from oral medicine to orthodontics and advanced oral surgery. “Our commitment to research and innovation remains unwavering,” Dr. Di Lenarda noted. “We actively participate in material testing and student thesis development, advancing the field of dental science.”

For the students, the journey is one of aspiration and commitment. “I hope to work here one day,” remarked a hopeful student, echoing the sentiment of many. “The experience here is invaluable,” another added. “It prepares us not just as dentists, but as compassionate healthcare providers.”

As Maggiore Hospital continues to illuminate the path towards accessible, high-quality dental care, its impact resonates far beyond Trieste. With its pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence, Maggiore Hospital embodies a paradigm shift in public healthcare, inspiring communities nationwide to strive for greater inclusivity and innovation in dental services.

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