Heat Advisory Issued for Trieste: Red Alert This Thursday, July 11

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by InTrieste

As scorching temperatures grip Europe, Triest finds itself under a red alert for extreme heat today, Thursday, July 11. This designation, issued by the Ministry of Health, places Trieste among seven Italian cities facing the highest level of heat-related health risks.

The onset of an African anticyclone has intensified conditions in Trieste, prompting authorities to issue warnings that extend beyond vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. According to health officials, prolonged exposure to these temperatures could pose significant health risks even to healthy, active individuals.

In addition to Trieste, other cities set to experience red alert conditions include Campobasso, Frosinone, Latina, Perugia, Rieti, and Rome. These areas are expected to endure soaring temperatures that could surpass safety thresholds outlined by health authorities.

Simultaneously, nine cities across Italy, including Ancona, Bologna, and Turin, will be on orange alert, while eight cities will see yellow alerts. Three cities, including Genoa and Naples, are under green alert, signifying relatively milder conditions.

The Ministry of Health has urged residents across affected regions to take precautionary measures, including staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun during peak hours. Local authorities are also preparing emergency response measures to ensure public safety amid the heatwave.

This announcement comes amid a broader European heatwave, underscoring concerns over climate change and its implications for public health and safety across the continent.

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