Experts Chart the Course of Nautical Tourism and Recreational Boating

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This Friday, the University of Trieste, in partnership with the Maritime Directorate of Friuli Venezia Giulia, will host a pivotal conference aimed at exploring the present and future of nautical tourism and recreational boating. The event, titled “Nautical Tourism and Recreational Boating: Current Situation and Future Prospects,” will take place at 3 p.m. in the Vittorio Bachelet Hall, located in Building A on the university’s Piazzale Europa campus.

The symposium, orchestrated by the Department of Legal, Language, Interpretation and Translation Sciences (IUSLIT) at UniTS, seeks to illuminate the burgeoning significance of nautical tourism within the maritime economy. This sector is not only vital for economic growth but also for fostering a high-caliber tourism experience.

The proceedings will be overseen by Massimo Campailla, a distinguished professor of Navigation Law at the University of Trieste. The roster of speakers boasts some of the foremost authorities in the field. Roberto Perocchio, president of Assomarinas—the Italian Tourist Ports Association—will offer an in-depth, contemporary analysis of the industry. His insights are eagerly anticipated by both sector professionals and enthusiasts.

Luciano Del Prete, Maritime Director of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Commander of the Port of Trieste, will address critical issues of safety in recreational boating. Given the rising interest in nautical leisure activities, his discussion on safety protocols and maritime regulations is expected to draw considerable attention.

Concluding the event, Stefano Zunarelli, a respected professor of Navigation Law at the University of Bologna, will synthesize the discussions and provide forward-looking perspectives on the evolution of nautical tourism.

This conference represents a significant effort to bring together academic insight and practical expertise. It aims to serve not only industry insiders but also the broader community of recreational boating aficionados. The discussions held here are poised to shape the trajectory of nautical tourism, ensuring its growth and sustainability in the years to come.

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