AESON Festival: Where Art And Nature Collide

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Friuli-Venzia Giulia is a region blessed with water: lakes, rivers, waterfalls and the sea, which are a great source of interest for the territory. This time it is the Isonzo river and its natural reserve as the setting of the AESON Festival, taking place in San Valentino di Fiumicello (UD) on the third weekend of July.

There is no need to promote Isonzo river, as activities and history surrounding it are endless, but if you missed that lesson, we are happy to refresh it. The Isonzo’s source lies in the Julian Alps in Slovenia and runs for more than 100 km, entering the Adriatic Sea near Monfalcone. Famous for its emerald color, the river represented the border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the First World War and nowadays marks the border of the counties of Udine and Gorizia.

In addition, a large number of poets wrote about it and the many beautiful towns located along its flow. But this is definitely a topic for another article, so let’s get back to the festival!

AESON Festival, which name derives from the Celtic name of the river, is a place where man meets nature and art meets the land: artistic performances, musical events, dances, theater and audiovisual displays represent the deep dialogue that occurs between the people and the territory. The festival takes place in the northern area of the basin of the river at the Parco Isonzo Fiumicello between the 19th and the 22nd of July. 

Starting out in 2008, the festival has grown considerably, involving more projects and more parts of the territory every year.

Ecopark Onlus is the association that coordinates the event and, thanks to the help of Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia and other partnerships, their aim is to get people closer to environmental topics in order to spread awareness towards the way of keeping the territory clean, valuable and rich.

During the four-days festival you will have the opportunity to take a pause from your busy routine, get closer to nature and experience some kind of epiphany, being touched by the beauty of art. In order to reach a wide rage of audiences, the activities and the exhibitions are of all kinds: theatre pieces, walks along the river, concerts, DJ sets, artistic laboratory and workshops for kids and adults are organized in the fairy landscape of the natural park. 

The only way to experience the magic of this festival is to come and have a look with your eyes…and if you are out of town during the weekend, don’t forget to check the official AESON website for more events! Admission to the festival is free of charge.

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