A Theatrical Journey Through Nature and Shakespeare at Miramare

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In a delightful convergence of culture and nature, the Rossetti theater, in collaboration with the Historical Museum and the Park of Miramare Castle, presents “Green Shakespeare: Trees, Storms, Flowers, and the Moon.” This unique theatrical event, curated by Paolo Valerio and featuring dramaturgical elaborations by Laura Pelaschiar and Paolo Quazzolo, runs from July 9 to 19 in the enchanting setting of Miramare Park.

The production, which is part of the series “Il Rossetti at Miramare… with a Gaze of Infinite Love,” epitomizes the Teatro Stabile’s recent green initiative. It invites audiences to immerse themselves in the beauty and tempestuousness of nature as depicted in Shakespeare’s works, against the natural backdrop of Miramare’s stunning landscapes.

A Green Endeavor

“Green Shakespeare” reflects the Teatro Stabile’s commitment to environmental consciousness, utilizing the park’s natural beauty to enhance the theatrical experience without intrusive equipment or constructed sets. Instead, the performance artfully integrates with the park’s spontaneous scenography, especially at the magical hour of sunset.

The traveling show traverses the thematic landscapes of Shakespeare’s plays, exploring the complex relationship between humanity and nature. It features performances by the Teatro Stabile’s esteemed actors, including Emanuele Fortunati, Ester Galazzi, Andrea Germani, Riccardo Maranzana, Jacopo Morra, Zoe Pernici, and Maria Grazia Plos, who bring to life scenes of stormy seas, flowers, forests, night skies, and human emotions.

A Walk Through Shakespearean Nature

Audiences are guided through the park, encountering iconic Shakespearean characters such as Iago, Ophelia, and Puck, portrayed by Alessandro Colombo, Giulio De Santi, Giacomo Faroldi, Cristina Greco, Maria Irene Minelli, Radu Murarasu, and Mattia Vodopivec. These characters narrate the dualistic nature of the natural world, echoing Shakespeare’s portrayal of nature as both nurturing and unpredictable.

In a memorable sequence, the trees of Miramare transform into the gentle forests of “As You Like It” and the mystical woods of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The audience is invited to participate in the comedic scenes, while the poetry of the moon and the timeless allure of flowers are evoked through passages from “The Winter’s Tale” and the poignant words of Ophelia.

An Enriching Cultural Experience

This innovative theatrical series not only enriches the cultural offerings of the region but also enhances the tourist experience, providing a sophisticated and environmentally respectful form of entertainment.

Tickets for “Green Shakespeare: Trees, Storms, Flowers, and the Moon” are available at the Politeama Rossetti Box Office, through usual sales points and online at www.ilrossetti.vivaticket.it. Last-minute tickets can be purchased at the Info Point at the entrance of Miramare Park an hour before each performance. Advance purchase is highly recommended, with tickets priced at €20 for full admission and €17 for reduced admission.

Following this production, the series will continue with “Loving Speeches to Listen to and Read at Sunset!” from July 20 to 24 in the harbor. Audiences are invited to submit their favorite love poems to ilaria.lucari@ilrossetti.it, with selected poems being performed during the evening shows.

For a few magical evenings in July, Shakespeare’s timeless words will resonate through the natural beauty of Miramare Park, offering a unique blend of drama, nature, and cultural enrichment.

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