Sunday Best: Fashion Highlights from Pope Francis’s Visit to Trieste

Chiara and Elisabetta, Trieste (Elisabetta originally from Sicily)
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words & photography by Erin Johnson

We all know people tend to dress their best for Sunday church service so for Pope Francis’s visit to Trieste this past weekend, we were curious what people would be decked out in for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the pontiff himself.

Sandra, Trieste

We sent our style crew to Piazza Unità to catch some stylish locals ready to defeat the heat and attend the pope’s morning mass. From breezy dresses to colorful sandals to color-blocked linen, these lovely ladies knew how to stand out from the crowd.

Argia, Trieste
Mary-Jane, Nigeria
Chiara and Elisabetta, Trieste (Elisabetta originally from Sicily)
Francesca and Ludovica, Trieste
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Erin Johnson
I’m originally from California, but I moved here from New York four years ago for work, and also for a change of pace. The biggest difference between Italy and the US is that Italian culture is all about tradition, and preserving heritage, while Americans are all about what is new, and innovative. I look forward to going home, and I also look forward to coming back to Italy.


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