Pope Francis Visits Trieste, Emphasizing Unity and Peace

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photo credits: Erin McKinney

Photo credits Erin McKinney

Pope Francis made a highly anticipated visit to this historic port city on Sunday morning, drawing thousands of faithful from across the region. The pontiff arrived by helicopter at 8 a.m. in Porto Vecchio, where he was greeted by local dignitaries and an enthusiastic crowd.

Photo credits Erin McKinney

Following his arrival, Pope Francis celebrated a solemn Mass in Piazza Unità, Trieste’s grand central square. In his homily, he emphasized themes of unity and peace, resonating deeply with the diverse audience. The visit marks a significant moment for Trieste, highlighting its rich cultural and religious heritage.

Photo credits Erin McKinney

During the Angelus, the Pope began by thanking Monsignor Trevisi, particularly for mentioning the sick. “He knows them by name, and this is an example because charity and love are concrete,” the pontiff said, thanking Trevisi again for this habit. “Every person, healthy or sick, great or small, has a dignity, and dignity is shown by knowing their name. He knows the names, and I hope he continues with this knowledge,” he added. Recalling a time he asked a mountain parish priest if he knew the people by name, and the priest replied, “I even know the names of the families’ dogs,” Francis expressed his hope that Monsignor Trevisi would know the names of the families’ dogs in this city too.

Photo credits Erin McKinney

Before the final blessing, the Pope greeted all the faithful gathered in Piazza Unità, which he described as “so evocative.” He thanked the Bishop for his words and the preparation of the visit, as well as all those who collaborated, including in the liturgy, which he greatly appreciated, and the many people who participated in the prayer.

Photo credits Erin McKinney

Pope Francis reiterated the importance of Trieste’s role, saying, “I assure my closeness to the sick, prisoners, and migrants: Trieste is an open door to migrants and to all those who struggle the most. It is one of those cities capable of bringing together different people, primarily because it is an important port and then because it is at the crossroads of Italy, Central Europe, and the Balkans. In this situation, the challenge for the ecclesial and civil community is to combine openness and stability, hospitality and identity. I believe you have what it takes to face this challenge. As Christians, we have the Gospel, which gives meaning and hope to our lives, and as citizens, you have the Constitution, a reliable compass for the path of democracy. So move forward, forward without fear, open and firm in human and Christian values, welcoming but uncompromising on human dignity.”

Photo credits Erin McKinney
Photo credits Erin McKinney
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