Arpa FVG Unveils Advanced Thunderstorm Forecasting System on 25th Anniversary

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In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Arpa FVG unveiled a pioneering meteorological forecasting tool, aimed at providing citizens and tourists with timely information about approaching thunderstorms.

Speaking at the launch event in Trieste, Fabio Scoccimarro, the regional assessor for Environmental Defense, emphasized the significance of this innovation. “A very short-term weather forecast is primarily a safety factor, especially in a region like ours where thunderstorms are a frequent meteorological phenomenon and can pose significant risks to both the environment and humans,” Mr. Scoccimarro stated.

The newly developed system is designed to predict thunderstorm movements up to 45 minutes in advance, leveraging real-time data from meteorological radars and the national lightning detection network. This technology cross-references current weather patterns and lightning strikes to project the potential direction of storms based on their activity over the preceding 30 minutes.

Residents and visitors seeking information on active thunderstorms can access the Arpa FVG weather website ( and navigate to the “near you” section. If a device is geolocated within a municipality expected to be hit by a thunderstorm within the next 45 minutes, a yellow banner will appear at the top of the page with a warning, “possible thunderstorm within 45 minutes.” This feature also provides updates if a storm is already in progress. In larger municipalities, where thunderstorms may affect some areas but not others, the warning will be uniformly displayed across all zones.

The tool, however, does not replace the existing alert system maintained by the National Civil Protection Department, of which Arpa FVG is an integral part through the Decentralized Functional Center of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Instead, it serves as a complementary resource, enhancing the region’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to severe weather conditions.

As climate change intensifies weather unpredictability globally, innovations like Arpa FVG’s thunderstorm forecasting system are crucial in safeguarding communities. This launch marks a significant milestone in the agency’s journey, reflecting its enduring commitment to public safety and environmental stewardship.

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