The Rossetti Theater Celebrates 70th Anniversary with Stellar Lineup

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As the Rossetti theater marks its 70th anniversary, the venerable institution promises a season of eclectic and high-caliber productions that honor its storied past while looking boldly to the future. The 2024-2025 season will showcase a blend of classic and contemporary works, featuring luminaries such as Franco Branciaroli, Robert Wilson, and Alessio Boni, and delving into genres ranging from traditional prose to cutting-edge contemporary theater, musicals, and dance.

The season opens on October 1 with Carlo Goldoni’s “Sior Todero brontolon,” starring Franco Branciaroli and directed by Paolo Valerio. This classic Italian comedy will set the tone for a season that juxtaposes time-honored works with innovative performances. Notably, the opening production will also debut at the Roman Theater for the Veronese Summer Festival before its Trieste premiere.

Celebrating both the theater’s establishment in 1954 and the return of Trieste to Italy, the anniversary season reflects a rich cultural heritage intertwined with modern artistic endeavors. “We are proud of our history and are excited for the future,” said Paolo Valerio, the theater’s director, during the season’s unveiling at Politeama Rossetti on June 25. The event featured remarks from Mario Anzil, Vice President and Regional Councillor for Culture and Sport, and Serena Tonel, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Theaters.

A Season of Diverse Offerings

The 2024-2025 season spans 80 titles across various genres. Highlights include Robert Wilson’s “Pessoa. Since I have been me,” a visually arresting tribute to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, featuring the celebrated actress Maria de Medeiros. This production is part of an international co-production involving prestigious theaters from Florence, Paris, Lisbon, and Luxembourg.

Another major draw is Claudio Magris’s “Il vetro della clessidra,” starring Alessio Boni. This reflective piece, combining Magris’s monologue “Essere già stati” with stories from “Tempo curvo a Krems,” will also be performed in both Italian and German at the Frankfurt Book Fair, underscoring the theater’s commitment to international dialogue.

The season also honors Italo Svevo with a reprise of “La coscienza di Zeno,” directed by Paolo Valerio and starring Alessandro Haber. This production, celebrating the centenary of Svevo’s seminal novel, has garnered acclaim across Italy and will return to the Politeama for a limited engagement before resuming its national tour.

Embracing Contemporary Voices and International Collaborations

In addition to classical works, the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia embraces contemporary voices and themes. “Sissi l’Imperatrice,” written and directed by Roberto Cavosi and starring Federica Vincenti, offers a modern exploration of femininity. Meanwhile, “Orlando non fa suonare il corno: mito e leggenda di Ottavio Bottecchia,” directed by Riccardo Ventrella, delves into the mythic world of heroic cycling, blending sport with theater.

Innovative collaborations are a hallmark of the upcoming season. “Quelli di Basaglia… A 180°,” presented with the Accademia della Follia, explores the revolutionary work of Franco Basaglia in mental health. Furthermore, “Woyzeck,” directed by Tommaso Tuzzoli and adapted by Federico Bellini, examines the anxieties of 20th-century Europe through a sophisticated reinterpretation of Büchner’s play.

Educational Initiatives and Community Engagement

The theater’s commitment to education and community is evident in projects like “In cerca di Zeno per le strade di Trieste,” a narrative performance intertwining the talents of students and actors, and “Snob,” a Molière adaptation by the youth theater group StarTs Lab. Additionally, the theater will continue its efforts to engage young audiences with productions tailored for children and schools.

The Teatro Stabile’s dedication to cultural heritage and artistic innovation shines through its diverse programming. As it celebrates its 70th anniversary, the theater not only honors its past achievements but also sets the stage for future artistic explorations, ensuring its place as a vital cultural institution in Italy and beyond.

An Unforgettable Season Ahead

From Goldoni to contemporary masters, the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia’s 2024-2025 season promises to be a landmark year, filled with memorable performances and groundbreaking collaborations. As Paolo Valerio and his team look forward with creativity and confidence, the theater remains rooted in its rich cultural landscape, poised to captivate audiences anew.

For more information on the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia’s 2024-2025 season, visit their official website or follow them on social media for the latest updates and ticketing information.

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