Trieste Unveils Revamped Local Police Website in Digital Transformation Push

Polizia locale in Piazza Unità (courtesy of Polizia locale Comune di Trieste)
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by InTrieste

In a significant stride towards enhancing digital communication, the city of Trieste has launched a completely overhauled website for its Local Police force. The new platform, unveiled this afternoon, aims to bridge the gap between the police and the community, promising a more intuitive and accessible experience for all users.

The launch event was attended by Caterina de Gavardo, the City Security Policy Assessor, alongside Local Police Commander Walter Milocchi, Deputy Commander Paolo Jerman, Salvatore Porro, President of the VI Commission, and representatives from Media Technologies Srl., the company responsible for the website’s technical development.

“Today marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to improve communication between the Local Police and our citizens,” declared Assessor de Gavardo. “The new website, accessible at, is designed to be clear, simple, and constantly updated, featuring an intuitive layout and a top menu for easy navigation.”

The revamped site incorporates several cutting-edge features, including a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. A notable addition is the introduction of an accessibility tool, which allows users to adjust font sizes, contrast, and other readability settings. This is part of a broader initiative to comply with the latest digital transition guidelines set forth by AgiD, the Italian Digital Agency.

“We have restructured the informational architecture and incorporated machine learning capabilities,” explained Commander Milocchi. “Every piece of content is meticulously tagged according to new taxonomies, enhancing both navigation and content cataloging based on specific themes.”

In addition to a fresh design and updated content, the new website features a comprehensive FAQ section, addressing common inquiries across various categories such as animals, commerce, construction, fines, permits, waste, reports, and vehicles. This initiative aims to provide citizens with immediate answers, reducing the need for phone calls or emails.

“The FAQs are clear and exhaustive, ensuring that citizens can find answers even during critical situations,” noted Commander Milocchi. “Our next step involves implementing a Virtual Assistant powered by AI technology to further enhance our service offerings.”

The Local Police’s new digital presence is also integrated with its official social media channels, including the popular Facebook page of Officer Gianna. This connectivity is part of a broader plan to leverage artificial intelligence to improve public communication.

“The power of combining human professionalism with artificial intelligence will enable our staff to manage a greater flow of information more efficiently,” added Assessor de Gavardo. “This support will allow operators and administrators to handle inquiries in the shortest possible time.”

The homepage of the new site prominently features real-time updates on Local Police activities, press releases, and vital notices regarding traffic changes, road closures, ordinances, and emergencies. Additionally, it offers a direct link to the emergency services of the Operational Room and the Local Police’s social media channels.

“The new website is a direct, user-friendly platform that marks the beginning of a series of innovations from the Local Police,” concluded Assessor de Gavardo. “Our aim is to use these technological advancements to enhance our communication and service to the community.”

The Municipality of Trieste has already introduced several AI-driven features within its institutional communication efforts, with plans for further development and optimization. As this digital transformation continues, the Local Police and city officials remain committed to leveraging technology to better serve their citizens.

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