Stars Align: Summer Magic at Trieste’s INAF Observatory

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by InTrieste

Amidst the ancient allure of Trieste’s INAF Astronomical Observatory, a celestial symphony is set to unfold this summer, offering a tapestry of cinematic wonders, musical enchantments, and starlit revelations. Nestled within the Basovizza observation site, these events—scheduled for June 27, July 17, and September 4—promise an immersive fusion of science, culture, and community engagement, all under the expansive canopy of the Triestine sky.

Kicking off the series on June 27 is “Mars Express,” an award-winning animated film by Jérémie Périn, honored with the prestigious Asteroid Award at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. Set against the backdrop of a futuristic Martian metropolis, the film chronicles the exploits of detective Aline Ruby and her android partner as they navigate a web of intrigue and corruption. Combining cutting-edge animation techniques with noir aesthetics, “Mars Express” promises to captivate audiences with its blend of adrenaline-pumping action and philosophical undertones.

Following this stellar debut, September 4 will see the screening of “Restore Point,” directed by Robert Hloz, recipient of the esteemed Event Horizon award in 2023. Set in a future Prague where life and death are governed by innovative memory backup technology, the film follows detective Emma Trochinowska as she unravels a chilling murder mystery amidst a backdrop of societal upheaval and existential inquiry. With echoes of “Blade Runner” and a narrative steeped in the ethos of “future socialism,” “Restore Point” invites viewers to ponder the ethical implications of technological advancement in an ever-evolving world.

Interspersed between these cinematic odysseys, July 17 marks a special evening titled “That Time We DIDN’T Go to Mars,” curated by Fabrizio Fiore, director of the INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, in collaboration with La Via delle Arti. Featuring archival footage from NASA and live musical renditions by the renowned Tiepolo Brass Ensemble, this multimedia extravaganza revisits the turbulent 1960s space race through the lens of unfulfilled dreams and societal transformation. It promises to be an evocative exploration of humanity’s enduring quest for exploration and discovery.

Fabrizio Fiore expressed his enthusiasm for the program, emphasizing the unique ambiance of the Basovizza observation site. “We believe there is no better setting than our observatory, facing the Margherita Hack Observatory, to host these cultural events,” he remarked, highlighting the opportunity for attendees to engage with the observatory’s researchers and students amidst the enchanting backdrop of celestial observation.

Each evening will conclude with guided tours of the Margherita Hack Observatory, inviting visitors to explore its historical exhibitions, digital installations, and peer through telescopes at distant galaxies and nebulae. The grounds will also feature the ALÉ POGi Street Fast Food Truck, offering refreshments and sustenance amidst the natural splendor.

In a commitment to accessibility, the observatory has partnered with the Cooperativa Amico to ensure that individuals with mobility challenges can fully participate in the experience. Specialized assistance and equipment will facilitate wheelchair access to the observatory’s first-floor facilities and telescope viewing areas, underscoring the event’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

For more information on these captivating summer events and to reserve your place under the Triestine stars, visit

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