Trieste Silos Ordered Cleared as Sanitation Crisis Looms

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by InTrieste

The mayor of Trieste has issued an ordinance mandating the evacuation of the city’s Silos within two weeks, highlighting an escalating sanitation crisis and sparking a debate over the treatment of migrants seeking refuge in the dilapidated structure.

The directive, signed by Mayor Roberto Dipiazza and published on the municipal register, orders Coop Alleanza 3.0, the owner of the Silos, to remove all accumulated furnishings, garbage, and debris, and to secure the building with fencing and security services. The ordinance has been forwarded to local law enforcement, the fire department, the health authority, and other relevant agencies.

This decisive action follows a recent inspection by the health authority, which once again brought to light the dire sanitary conditions endured by the dozens of migrants sheltering in the Silos. The migrants have been living in squalor, with inadequate access to basic amenities, creating a public health concern that the city can no longer ignore.

“The evacuation must be carried out within 15 days,” Mayor Dipiazza stated, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. However, he noted that the migrants will not be relocated to the Campo Sacro hostel as initially planned, due to unfinished renovation work. “Instead, they will be transferred out of the city,” he added, without providing specific details on their new accommodations.

The Italian Consortium of Solidarity (ICS) swiftly responded, criticizing the city’s plan. In a statement, ICS argued that the renovations at the Campo Sacro hostel had not even begun, casting doubt on the city’s preparedness to handle the relocation. “The uninhabitability and danger of the Silos are beyond question,” ICS acknowledged, “but the eviction is merely another act of violence.” The consortium also raised concerns about the fate of those migrants legally entitled to accommodation, who are expected to arrive just as the Silos are closed.

Amidst the controversy, Coop Alleanza 3.0 expressed readiness to comply with the ordinance. A company spokesperson, reached by phone, confirmed that they are prepared to ensure the building’s safety once the migrants have been moved. Additionally, the spokesperson revealed that negotiations for the sale of the Silos are in an “advanced” stage, though no timeline for the sale’s completion was provided.

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