A Dance Back in Time: 19th Century Ball at Sunset at Miramare Castle

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by InTrieste

On June 15th, as the sun dips below the horizon, the piazza in front of the resplendent Miramare Castle will transform into a scene from the 19th century. Starting at 8 PM, the Cultural Association Società di Danza Circolo Triestino APS will host an enchanting evening of historical dance, offering a meticulously reconstructed performance featuring music and choreography from the mid-1800s.

For over two decades, this Trieste-based association has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the elegant dances of the Central European bourgeois romantic period (1845-1860). This particular event will showcase around twenty couples in period costume, gliding gracefully to the timeless tunes of the Strauss family. The evening’s choreographies draw inspiration from Empress Carlota of Mexico, whose opulent scepter is currently on display at the Castle.

The performance, open to the public free of charge, promises to transport spectators back in time with its authenticity and charm. Spanning approximately an hour, the ball will be an immersive experience set against the stunning backdrop of Miramare Castle.

In addition to the dance, attendees are invited to explore the Castle and its exhibition both before and after the performance. The cultural complex will remain open until 11 PM, offering guided tours and the opportunity to mingle with the dancers. These extended hours provide a unique chance to delve into the rich history of the site, with specialized guides available to enhance the experience. Admission for the tours is set at 7 euros per person, in addition to the entry fee for the Castle and exhibition.

Reservations are required by June 14th, ensuring an organized and enjoyable experience for all. Interested parties can secure their spots by contacting the organizers at miramare@coopculture.it.

As dusk falls over the Adriatic, Miramare Castle will come alive with the elegance and splendor of a bygone era, offering a rare glimpse into the past through the art of dance.

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