“The Courage to Try”: Cristina Scocchia’s Inspiring Journey Against the Wind

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by InTrieste

“I never thought I would write a book,” Cristina Scocchia admits with a reflective smile. The CEO of illycaffè is seated in the cozy confines of Lovat bookstore, where her newly released memoir, The Courage to Try: A Story Against the Wind, was presented on Thursday evening. Co-authored with Francesca Gambarini, a journalist for Corriere della Sera, the book delves into Scocchia’s journey of defying expectations and societal norms.

The presentation took the form of an engaging discussion with journalist and writer Francesco De Filippo, adding depth and context to the themes explored in the book.

Scocchia’s narrative is one of resilience and determination. “Too often, the starting point determines who you are or who you can become,” she says. “Being born a woman rather than a man, into a rich family rather than a poor one, in a small town rather than a big city, greatly influences the opportunities you have to achieve your dreams.”

In her book, published by Sperling & Kupfer, Scocchia challenges this deterministic view. “I believe that the starting point should not define who you are or who you want to become. It’s always worth trying.”

Her words resonate deeply in a world where barriers—both visible and invisible—continue to shape destinies. Scocchia’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance. Born in a small town and navigating the often male-dominated corporate world, she rose to lead one of Italy’s iconic coffee brands.

The evening at Lovat bookstore was not just a book launch, but a celebration of possibilities. Attendees, ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs to avid readers, listened intently as Scocchia and De Filippo shared anecdotes from her life, each story underscoring her central message: courage is essential, regardless of where one begins.

Scocchia’s journey is particularly inspiring in the context of the challenges she highlights—gender, socioeconomic status, and geographical origin. Her rise to the top echelons of the corporate world serves as a powerful reminder that while these factors can influence one’s path, they need not determine the outcome.

As the evening drew to a close, Scocchia left her audience with a final thought: “It’s always worth trying.” In a time when the world grapples with issues of equity and opportunity, her story stands out as a beacon of hope and determination.

The Courage to Try: A Story Against the Wind is now available in bookstores and online, offering readers an intimate look at the life and lessons of a woman who refused to let her starting point dictate her destiny.

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