Spring 2024 Style In Trieste: Where Fabulous Fashion Meets International Flair

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Words and photography: Erin Johnson

As winter slowly – or as may be the case, suddenly – turns to spring in Trieste, there is a gradual transition of attire seen, too, often lagging behind the temperatures by a couple of weeks as people start to trust the warmer weather enough to put away their down jackets and scarves for the season and embrace more transitional clothing. The streets every day become a little bit brighter, a little bit lighter, not ready yet for the full raucous colors and breezy fabrics of summer but taking baby steps in that direction. Like the first daffodils poking their heads up from the ground we see bright skirts appear, like daisies sprouting across a field we see sneakers and flats replace boots, and when the sun is really shining at midday, we see even the first bold few shedding their coats altogether and embracing the warmth we’ve all missed.

Vesna, 32, Serbia

Chiara, 35, and Antonio, 34, Siena

Kati, 37, Ljubljana, “The shirt was my grandmother’s.”

Djurdja, 32, From Serbia, living in Trieste

Evita, 24, From Trieste, living in Milano

Matteo, 33, From Trieste, living in Amsterdam

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Erin Johnson
I’m originally from California, but I moved here from New York four years ago for work, and also for a change of pace. The biggest difference between Italy and the US is that Italian culture is all about tradition, and preserving heritage, while Americans are all about what is new, and innovative. I look forward to going home, and I also look forward to coming back to Italy.


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