Jazz Luminaries to Illuminate the Stage at Sala Tartini

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In the world of jazz, the lines between musician and composer blur effortlessly, with artistry flourishing in both spontaneous improvisation and meticulous composition. This dynamic interplay will be showcased on Tuesday, May 28, at 8:30 p.m. in the Sala Tartini on Via Ghega, where the esteemed jazz faculty of the Tartini Conservatory will take the stage.

This concert promises a captivating evening as Simona De Rosa (vocals), Nicola Fazzini (alto saxophone), Mirco Rubegni (trumpet and horn), Riccardo Chiarion (electric guitar), Giorgio Pacorig (piano), Giovanni Maier (double bass), and Roberto Dani (drums) demonstrate their dual talents as performers and composers. With extensive experience as band leaders, each musician brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique voice to the program, which will remain under wraps until the night of the concert.

The Tartini Conservatory’s concert series, curated by production manager Luca Trabucco and Conservatory director Sandro Torlontano, is open to the public. Reservations can be made by calling 040 6724911, and additional information is available at www.conts.it.

Simona De Rosa, a multifaceted artist whose professional pursuits straddle jazz, contemporary, and world music, has made her mark internationally. With a rich career that includes collaborations with orchestras and ensembles across the USA, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mexico, Kenya, Germany, and Poland, De Rosa’s dynamic performances have enchanted audiences worldwide. A graduate in Jazz Performance from Queens College, New York, and in Geological Sciences from the University of Naples, she has taught jazz singing, gospel choir, and ensemble music at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. Currently, she imparts her knowledge as a jazz singing instructor at the Tartini Conservatory.

Nicola Fazzini, a saxophonist and composer hailing from Milan and now based in Venice, boasts an impressive discography with over thirty recordings. Known for his innovative projects like XYQuartet, Hyper+, and CREI, Fazzini also collaborates with the University of Ca’ Foscari and various Venetian institutions for educational and artistic initiatives. His international performance credits include collaborations with jazz luminaries such as Mark Murphy, Enrico Rava, and Peter Erskine. Fazzini’s academic background includes studies at the Musikhoschschule in Graz, Austria, and the Pedrollo Conservatory in Castelfranco Veneto.

Mirco Rubegni, a prodigious talent from Montepulciano, graduated from the F. Morlacchi Conservatory of Music in Perugia at just seventeen. His jazz journey includes studies with Cristiano Arcelli and participation in Siena Jazz seminars. He has performed with an array of renowned musicians, contributing to a diverse spectrum of classical and modern ensembles. Rubegni is a key member of Gianluca Petrella’s Cosmic Band and continues to push the boundaries of jazz through his innovative work.

Riccardo Chiarion, a distinguished graduate of the Tartini Conservatory, has collaborated with many notable figures in the Italian and European jazz scenes. His compositions have enriched various artistic projects, including theater productions. Chiarion serves as a jazz guitar instructor at the Giuseppe Tartini State Conservatory and is the Artistic Director of the Gorizia Jazz Workshop, fostering musical education and exploration.

Giorgio Pacorig, a pianist and composer with a profound dedication to both classical and jazz music, has an extensive collaborative portfolio. His musical partnerships span a wide range of artists and genres, reflecting his versatility and deep engagement with improvised music. Pacorig’s contributions to jazz education and performance have left an indelible mark on the Italian jazz landscape.

Giovanni Maier, an accomplished double bassist, has carved out a niche with his solo bass project, documented through various recordings. His collaborations with international jazz greats such as Enrico Rava, Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxton underscore his stature in the jazz world. Maier also brings his expertise to numerous workshops and seminars, nurturing the next generation of jazz talent at the Tartini Conservatory.

Roberto Dani, a drummer whose work explores the nexus between real-time composition and structured writing, has performed extensively as a solo artist and in collaborative settings. Known for his innovative SoundAction performances and long-standing collaboration with Annette Peacock, Dani’s interdisciplinary approach to music and performance continues to inspire and challenge conventional boundaries.

This concert at Sala Tartini promises to be a night of exceptional music, blending the spontaneity of jazz with the depth of composed works, all delivered by a lineup of musicians whose contributions to the art form are as profound as their talents are varied.

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