Zeno d’Agostino Reflects on the End of an Era in Trieste

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by Guisela Chiarella

Zeno d’Agostino, the esteemed President of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, is closing a significant chapter of his life. In an exclusive interview, d’Agostino shared his reflections on what this transition means to him, emphasizing that it transcends his professional achievements.

“It’s not just an important phase of my career; it’s an important phase of my life,” d’Agostino said, his voice tinged with emotion. “It’s not only about work. It’s something very close to my heart. I’ve known all these people, shared good and bad times with them. When you have this kind of experience with simple, genuine people—people I relate to because I come from a similar background—you feel truly yourself.”

Over the past nine years, d’Agostino has been a transformative figure in Trieste, fostering deep connections with the community. His departure marks the end of an era, not only for the port but also for the many individuals who have been touched by his leadership and vision.

“These days are not just difficult but also very emotional,” he admitted. “I’ve decided that this is the right choice for me and my family. However, I don’t think I’ll ever find anything as beautiful as what I’ve experienced in Trieste.”

Looking ahead, d’Agostino remains uncertain about his next steps. “I don’t know,” he said candidly. “The immediate plan is to relax with my family. With summer approaching, I think I’ll spend the next two or three months with them. After that, I’ll see. I have some opportunities, but I haven’t decided on anything yet.”

As d’Agostino prepares to embrace this new chapter, the community of Trieste bids farewell to a leader who has not only transformed their port but also touched their hearts. The legacy of his tenure will undoubtedly endure, a testament to his dedication and the profound impact he has had on this vibrant port city.

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