Nicola Guarino to Present “Tutto qui” at Ubik Bookstore in Trieste

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On Wednesday, May 22, the renowned Italian author Nicola Guarino will present his latest work, “Tutto qui” (, at the Ubik bookstore in the Tergesteo Gallery. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM and will feature a discussion with notable literary figures Walter Chiereghin and Fulvio Senardi.

Guarino’s “Tutto qui” is a collection of eight stories that artfully depict everyday life and personal introspection. The narratives, crafted with minimalistic precision, focus on the subtle gestures and routines of their protagonists, exploring the intricate nuances of human experience. “At the heart of the narrative, often there is just one individual: their daily gestures, their being and doing, which take equal and proper time in the storytelling,” Guarino explains. The stories delve into personal nuances, unspoken words, and the meanings that individuals attribute to their surroundings, creating a vivid tapestry of inner and outer worlds.

Set against the backdrop of a timeless Southern Italy, the collection evokes a sense of familiarity through its detailed descriptions. “As if all of life were taking a few steps in the neighborhood, kicking a ball, leaning on the balcony to watch one’s story unfold, including its end,” Guarino writes. This timeless South is captured in the minutiae of an iron railing or the intricate plasterwork of ceilings, elements that resonate deeply with the reader.

Nicola Guarino, originally from Avellino, currently resides in Paris, where he teaches Italian language at the Sorbonne University and Créteil Paris 12. His work reflects a profound understanding of both Italian and French cultures, enriching his storytelling with a unique perspective.

The event at Ubik bookstore promises an engaging evening of literary exploration and cultural dialogue. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Guarino discuss his creative process and the themes that permeate his work, while also engaging with Chiereghin and Senardi’s insights.

For those interested in contemporary Italian literature, this presentation is not to be missed. Ubik bookstore, located in the historic Tergesteo Gallery at Piazza della Borsa 15, offers an intimate setting for what is sure to be a memorable literary event.

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