Trieste Shifts Migrant Reception to Scout Hostel in Prosecco

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by EH

The city of Trieste will relocate migrants from the former Silos area to the Scout Hostel in Prosecco Campo Sacro, aiming to address the needs of an increasing number of asylum seekers. Mayor Roberto Dipiazza announced the plan, which includes transferring the concession of the hostel to the Prefecture. This move is intended to expedite the setup of a high-turnover reception facility for migrants.

Next Monday, the city council will review a resolution to facilitate this transition. Mayor Dipiazza aims to accelerate the process, although the June deadline set by Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi for the eviction and sale of the former Silos area may be challenging to meet.

The decision to use the Prosecco site follows a detailed evaluation of alternatives, including the former market building on Via Flavio Gioia, near the central station. This building, which has been unused for about 20 years, was recently inspected by the Fourth Municipal Council Commission. Representatives from Adesso Trieste, various associations, and citizens expressed interest in repurposing the market as a low-threshold humanitarian reception center, providing temporary shelter for those in need.

Although the market building is currently unused, it remains intact and equipped with emergency exits, a heating system, and restrooms with showers. However, its future is tied to a broader redevelopment agreement for the former Silos area. The Municipality of Trieste noted that negotiations for the sale of the building by Coop Alleanza 3.0 to private buyers have progressed recently.

The move to the Prosecco Scout Hostel is expected to provide an immediate solution for accommodating migrants, with plans to adapt the hostel to meet their needs. This effort reflects the city’s ongoing commitment to addressing the requirements of asylum seekers while managing urban redevelopment.

As Trieste continues to navigate these challenges, the city’s leaders remain focused on finding balanced solutions for both the migrant population and the broader community. The upcoming council meeting will be a significant step in this ongoing process.



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