Last Weeks to Visit “Kosmos, the Ship of Knowledge” at Miramare Castle Stables

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by InTrieste

Time is running out to visit the captivating exhibition “Kosmos, the Ship of Knowledge” at the Stables of Miramare Castle. This unique exhibition invites visitors aboard the historic frigate Novara for a remarkable journey through scientific and cultural history.

On display are a diverse collection of natural history specimens, ethnographic artifacts, historical navigation instruments, photographs, ancient books, paintings, and watercolors. The exhibition is enhanced by multimedia elements, including digital installations, scale models, tactile panels, and detailed dioramas that vividly recreate life aboard the Novara.

A highlight of the exhibition is a contemporary section featuring a dreamlike video, crafted with generative artificial intelligence, which narrates five centuries of scientific discoveries. Visitors can also experience the “Cosmic Vertigo Room,” an immersive space designed to simulate floating among the galaxies.

“Kosmos, the Ship of Knowledge” offers a rich, sensory experience that bridges the past and present, showcasing humanity’s relentless pursuit of understanding. This exhibition provides a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of our world’s natural and cultural history.

The exhibition remains open through the end of the month. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a voyage of discovery at Miramare Castle.

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