Udine Ranks 26th in Italy’s Top Nightlife Cities

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by James Chandler

According to a recent poll conducted by BonusFinder out of a total of 50 Italian cities Udine has been classed as the 26th best city for nightlife closely followed by Bergamo in 27th position. The main categories for the classification were bars & restaurants, hotels, number of nightclubs, price of cocktails and transfer costs to & from the local airport. Without doubt the top three cities were Rome, Milan & Florence!

The nearby city of Trieste earning a modest 13th place as the top city in the region. This position was somewhat expected considering the overall difference in size with respect to Udine’s beautiful Venetian charm. Looking at the stats Trieste comes in with a total of 943 bars and restaurants, 377 hotels (including B&B’s) with an average price of 138.50 euros, 5 nightclubs with the price of a cocktail averaging 8 euros (according to BonusFinder Italia).

Nearby cities Pordenone & Gorizia unfortunately did not make the rankings and were not mentioned in the final results, this does not mean that they have no nightlife as these lovely towns and cities all have a lot to offer and host many events throughout the year!

Looking at the results for the city of Udine and the overall comparison of bars and restaurants including the total number of hotels it is safe to say it is able to stand high between the bigger metropolises including Venice, Bologna & Florence. The city stands high as one of the smallest places to visit in Northern Italy, you’ll be surprised by what the city has to offer!

Many events take place throughout the year in and around the city, including a few listed here below.

Sapori Pro Loco

This month the Sapori Pro Loco event will host its 21st edition with typical traditional dishes from all around the local area. A short 30min drive from Udine to the nearby comune of Codroipo is where the event will take place at the marvellous Villa Manin di Passariano.

For more information, see Sapori Pro Loco


The International Jazz Festival in Udine takes place this year from the 8th to the 14th July with many musical artists performing around Udine.

A preview to the festival will take place on the 24th June at the Castello di Udine with the Californian band Dogstar, formed by Bret Domrose, Robert Mailhouse and Keanu Reeves. The band is set to open with the appetiser to the full calendar of events that will be held throughout different places in the city.

For more info, see Udin&Jazz

Friuli DOC

This year’s Friuli DOC will mark the 30th year and will take place from the 12th to 15th of September, as the largest regional food & wine event in Friuli Venezia Giulia the city of Udine becomes a place for celebrating the exquisite culinary delights the region has to offer.

For more info, see Friuli DOC

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James Chandler
“I was born in a town close to Cambridge, United Kingdom. At 22, I moved to Friuli and six years on I have never looked back, as the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has many things to offer from the spectacular views of the Alpi Carniche to the relaxing calmness of the Adriatic Sea on the coast during a Sunday evening sunset. The lifestyle is very fulfilling, with time to spend relaxing with friends for Aperitivi and the occasional game of Calcetto during the week. Learning the Italian language has been the most difficult challenge living abroad but it is very rewarding being able to speak with locals and have normal conversations with people in Italy!”



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