Andy Warhol Exhibition Set to Dazzle Gorizia in 2025

Gorizia. Photo credits Il Piccolo
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by InTrieste

From November to March 2025, the Attems Petzenstein Palace in Gorizia will come alive with the vibrant works of Andy Warhol, as the region hosts a groundbreaking exhibition titled “Andy Warhol. Beyond Borders (Oltre i confini).”

This initiative, greenlit by the Regional Council in its latest session, sees an allocation of one million euros for the event, proposed by the Councillor for Productive Activities and Tourism, in collaboration with the Vice President overseeing Culture.

The exhibition forms a cornerstone in the lead-up to Go!2025, marking Nova Gorica and Gorizia’s tenure as the European Capital of Culture. It aims to spotlight and nurture the rich creative and cultural landscape of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Visitors can expect to be captivated by over 150 works sourced from European collections, alongside numerous 1950s magazines that bear Warhol’s early work before he catapulted to fame as a pop artist.

Palazzo Attems will not merely showcase Warhol’s career but will journey through the life and defining themes of this iconic American artist. From his family roots in Slovakia to his final masterpiece, The Last Supper, presented in Milan in January 1987—a month prior to his unexpected passing—each piece tells a story.

Operationally, the Department of Productive Activities will channel the million-euro funding to the Regional Authority for Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Erpac). This will facilitate the exhibition’s design and organization, tapping into the expertise of highly specialized external entities to ensure the highest quality standards befitting the exhibited works.

PromoTurismoFVG will play a critical role in the broader organizational efforts, coordinating with Erpac to bolster the event through comprehensive promotional and communication strategies.

“This major exhibition underscores Friuli Venezia Giulia’s prowess in hosting significant cultural events that draw visitors from across borders,” remarked the Councillor for Productive Activities and Tourism. “In just the first three months of this year, Gorizia saw a 55.7% surge in tourist numbers, highlighting the city’s growing allure.”

Echoing these sentiments, the Vice President highlighted Warhol’s penchant for breaking conventional artistic boundaries. “Warhol’s interdisciplinary and experimental nature transcends cultural and temporal frontiers, perfectly embodying the spirit of Gorizia’s celebration as the European Capital of Culture and the associated Go Borderless events.”

As anticipation builds, Gorizia prepares to welcome art enthusiasts from around the globe to experience Warhol’s timeless influence, reinforcing its position on the cultural map and celebrating its dynamic heritage.

For further details and ticket information, please visit the official Go!2025 website.

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