Trieste Launches “School Package” Grant Application for 2024/2025 Academic Year

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by InTrieste

In an effort to support families ahead of the upcoming academic year, the Municipality of Trieste has announced the commencement of applications for the “School Package” grant. Scheduled to open on Wednesday, May 15th, and running until August 2nd, this initiative aims to alleviate educational expenses for eligible households.

Families with children entering the fifth grade of primary school, lower secondary school, or the initial two years of upper secondary education in the academic year 2024/2025 are encouraged to apply. To qualify, applicants must have registered residency within the boundaries of Trieste and demonstrate an Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) not exceeding €10,632.94.

In the academic year 2024/2025, tuition fees vary by grade level:

  • For 5th grade at primary school, fees range from €84.00 to €120.00.
  • Lower secondary school (grades I, II, and III) charges between €140.00 and €200.00.
  • Upper secondary school (grades I and II) also falls within the same fee bracket of €140.00 to €200.00.

The grant, offers varying cash subsidies determined by the grade level of the student for the upcoming academic year. These amounts, ranging from €84.00 to €200.00, seek to provide financial relief to families facing educational expenses.

The application process will be conducted exclusively online through the Trieste Municipality Registration Portal, utilizing the Public Digital Identity System (SPID 2) and the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) for authentication.

For those seeking additional information or assistance, the Right to Education Office can be reached at the following telephone numbers: 040 6754020 – 8177 – 8732 – 4783 – 8409 – 8564 – 4685.

As families prepare for the new school year, this initiative underscores the Municipality of Trieste’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to education and supporting the educational journey of its residents.

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