FVG’s Grado and Lignano Secure Blue Flag Status for 2024

Lignano. Photo credits Regione FVG
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by InTrieste

In a nod to their commitment to environmental excellence, the picturesque coastal towns of Grado and Lignano have once again clinched the prestigious Blue Flag designation for the year 2024. Bestowed by the esteemed Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee), this accolade underscores their unwavering dedication to sustainable coastal management.

Amidst a stringent evaluation process comprising 32 rigorous criteria, both Grado and Lignano demonstrated exceptional adherence to environmental standards. From the functionality of sewage treatment facilities to waste management protocols, and from ensuring bather safety to promoting sustainable mobility, these towns left no stone unturned in meeting the stringent requirements set forth by Fee.

For Grado, this marks an impressive 36th consecutive year of clinching the coveted Blue Flag, a testament to its enduring commitment to environmental stewardship. Similarly, Lignano celebrates its 35th consecutive year of Blue Flag recognition, solidifying its reputation as a beacon of sustainability along the Italian coastline.

The accolades don’t stop there. Thirteen ports across the region have been recognized for their commitment to environmental excellence. From the Naval League of Trieste to Porto San Vito and Darsena San Marco in Grado, and from Marina Monfalcone to Marina Punta Gabbiani in Lignano, these ports showcase a collective dedication to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of Italy’s coastal regions.

As tourists flock to these idyllic seaside destinations, they can rest assured that Grado and Lignano are not only paradises for sun-seekers but also bastions of environmental responsibility. With each passing year, these towns continue to set the bar higher, reaffirming their status as shining examples of sustainable coastal living.

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