Trieste March Advocates Peace Amidst Global Conflicts

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video: Steven Jewett

Several hundred individuals gathered in Trieste on Saturday for a march advocating “the immediate end of the war in Gaza and Ukraine” while also condemning “the warmongering policies of NATO.”

Organized by a coalition of groups including Fronte della primavera triestina, Insieme liberi, Alister, Tavola per la pace, and Coordinamento No green pass, the demonstration commenced from Piazza Sant’Antonio. Following introductory remarks by organizers, the crowd proceeded through the city streets, passing through Via Filzi and Via Ghega en route to Piazza della Libertà. Continuing along Corso Cavour, the march concluded at Piazza della Borsa.

The event underscored a collective plea for peace and dialogue amidst ongoing international conflicts, resonating with concerns over global military engagements and urging diplomatic resolutions.

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