New Construction Project Underway to Restore Seaside Promenade in Barcola

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by InTrieste

In a bid to reclaim the charm of Trieste’s coastline, a new chapter in the restoration saga unfolds as construction gears up for the rejuvenation of the historic Lungomare Benedetto Croce in Barcola. Marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to mend the ravages of last autumn’s tempests, Monday, May 13th, heralds the commencement of a fresh wave of interventions.

The project, orchestrated by the Roads and Infrastructure Service of the Municipality of Trieste and funded in part by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, aims to breathe new life into the battered promenade, a beloved landmark along the Adriatic shores.

Led by the seasoned expertise of Engineer Gustavo Zandanel and overseen by Architect Michela Crevatin and Engineer Michela Zornada, the endeavor encompasses a meticulous reconstruction of damaged substrates and the meticulous laying of porphyry pavements. This meticulous attention to detail seeks not only to restore the promenade to its former glory but also to ensure minimal disruption to public access during the revitalization process.

The construction, entrusted to MG Group S.r.l. of San Dorligo della Valle, unfolds against the backdrop of a broader canvas of restoration initiatives. Since the inaugural repairs commenced on November 27, 2023, funded in part by the Municipality, subsequent efforts have been buoyed by a generous infusion of €1.5 million in regional funding earmarked for the revitalization of Trieste’s thoroughfares and waterfronts.

As the construction cranes pivot and the bustle of activity ensues, the Triestine community is called upon to lend its support and cooperation in safeguarding the construction zones. With a scheduled completion date of September 2, 2024, the restoration promises not only to reclaim the splendor of Barcola’s coastline but also to stand as a testament to the resilience and unity of a community united in its commitment to preserving its maritime heritage.

In a city where history whispers through every cobblestone, the restoration of the Lungomare Benedetto Croce emerges as not merely a construction project but a testament to the enduring spirit of Trieste and its unwavering determination to weather any storm.

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