University of Trieste’s Economic Studies Department Marks 100 Years of Excellence

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In a milestone marking a century of academic excellence, the University of Trieste’s economic studies department commemorates its 100th anniversary. From its humble beginnings as the university’s first faculty to its evolution into the Department of Economic, Business, Mathematical, and Statistical Sciences “Bruno de Finetti,” this institution has remained at the forefront of innovation and education.

The anniversary festivities promise to be as remarkable as the journey itself, reflecting a commitment to growth, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication to both research and teaching. Yet, true to its rich history, the celebratory event takes a unique twist, transforming into a grand examination session featuring a cohort of notably “out of course” students.

The program kicks off with a captivating Round Table discussion, helmed by Guido Bortoluzzi, a distinguished professor of Economics and Business Management. Five illustrious alumni will take center stage, offering insights into the societal, economic, and cultural shifts that have profoundly impacted the global landscape. Among them are Thomas Baumgartner, President of FERCAM S.p.A., Renata Casaro, Head of Investor Relations at Schaeffler in Germany, Giancarlo Fancel, Country Manager Italy & CEO Generali Italia, Giampaolo Viseri, CEO of Allianz Global Life in Ireland, and Sarah Zoi from the Federal Reserve System in the USA.

Following this insightful discussion, journalist Francesco De Filippo, a renowned figure in media and literature, will engage in a probing conversation with Francesco Magris, an esteemed professor of Political Economy, delving into pressing topics shaping today’s economic discourse.

The evening culminates in a theatrical performance of “Appeal… for out of course,” a one-act comedy featuring Adriano Giraldi as the inquisitive professor and the esteemed Ariella Reggio as the (very) out-of-course student. This lighthearted portrayal serves as a fitting conclusion to a century-long journey marked by academic excellence and dedication.

As the University of Trieste commemorates this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping future generations of leaders and innovators in the field of economics, both locally and globally.

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