Udine’s Timeless Tribute: Honoring Icons and Heritage at the ‘Patrie dal Friul’ Festival

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video courtesy of James Chandler

In the vibrant city of Udine, Italy, a series of meticulously organized events orchestrated by the Municipality has unfolded in commemoration of the forty-seventh edition of the “Patrie dal Friul” Festival. This cherished annual celebration, observed on April 3rd, marks the founding of the esteemed Patriarchate of Friuli.

Amidst the grandeur of the Castle’s tower, a scene steeped in tradition, the municipality commenced proceedings with a solemn flag-raising ceremony, proudly hoisting the patriarchal flag aloft. Following this symbolic gesture, attention turned to the unveiling of commemorative plaques honoring two illustrious Friulian luminaries of the twentieth century.

Among those celebrated were Don Giuseppe Marchetti, revered as one of the architects of modern Friulian language, and the esteemed writer and poet Novella Cantarutti. Their legacies were immortalized at the revered institutions where they once imparted wisdom: the Caterina Percoto High School and the Arturo Malignani Institute.

As anticipation mounts, the official climax of the “Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl” awaits eager enthusiasts. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Tarcento, Sunday, April 7th promises to be a day of jubilant revelry and heartfelt homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Friuli.

Interview: Lino Straulino, musician from Carnia

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