Local’s Perspective: Navigating April Spring Fatigue and Embracing Renewal

Reading Time: < 1 minute

interviews: Sara Del Sal

As April unfolds, so does the promise of spring. However, alongside the blossoming flowers and warmer temperatures, many people experience what is commonly known as “spring fatigue.” This phenomenon is characterized by feelings of lethargy, fatigue, and even mood swings, often attributed to the sudden shift in weather and the changing of seasons. We interviewed locals to see what they do about it.

The transition from the colder months to spring can disrupt our internal rhythms and leave us feeling drained. April weather, notorious for its unpredictability, can further exacerbate these symptoms, with fluctuating temperatures and sudden rain showers adding to the challenge.

Need ideas on how to combat the Spring fatigue? Check out our senior writer’s Alessandra Ressa’s article on just that.

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