Combating Bullying and Cyberbullying With ‘Bulli di Sapone’

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by Sara Del Sal

‘Is there any difference between making fun of someone and bullying them? Who is the bully? Who is the victim?’. More than 5000 students of the secondary schools of the Trieste district will have the chance to answer these questions and deepen the tough subjects of bullying and cyberbullying, thanks to the initiative “Bulli di sapone” a theater piece enacted by Association ArtiVarti of Portogruaro (VE).

Sponsored by the Municipality of Trieste, by the Ambito Carso Giuliano and by the local police forces of Muggia, Duino Aurisina and San Dorligo della Valle, the show will be displayed at Teatro Bobbio on Wednesday 10th of April, and, together with two other dates, will be of guidance to the students, helping them to prevent and report any form of school violence.

Interview: Caterina de Gavardo, Councillor for Local safety policies

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Sara Del Sal
I define myself as an unconventional expat: I lived in Budapest for five years and I recently moved back to Trieste. Today I look at my homeland with different eyes, I love to (re)discover places of my childhood or to find new spots around the region. Living abroad and traveling around made me an open-minded and tolerant person and my studies in foreign languages and journalism gave me the right amount of creativity and curiosity to never stop exploring.


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