Trieste’s Literary Kaleidoscope: Cultural Encounters at Ubik Bookstore

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by InTrieste

In a quaint corner of Trieste’s bustling Galleria del Tergesteo lies Ubik Bookstore, a haven for literary enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. This April, the bookstore transforms into a nexus of intellectual exchange, hosting a series of captivating events under the banner “Trieste. Literary Crossings.”

On April 4th, Silvio Ziliotto, author of “The Sentinel of the Little People,” will present on the life and works of Miroslav Krleža, a prominent figure in Croatian literature. Collaborating with the Croatian Community of Trieste, the event will pay homage to Krleža’s contributions.

The following day, Luis Miguel Selvelli will discuss the historical connections between Smyrna and Italy, against the backdrop of the Eastern Greek Community of Trieste. This event will highlight Smyrna’s cultural significance and its ties to Trieste.

Saturday’s event will focus on Trieste’s religious diversity, with representatives from Protestant churches sharing insights into their longstanding presence in the city. Attendees will learn about the cultural richness brought by these communities.

On April 9th, Alaine Polcz’s narrative “Woman on the Front” will transport listeners to wartime Transylvania, providing a glimpse into the human experience during conflict.

Midweek, Sladana Nina Perković will present her novel “Aunt Stana’s Funeral,” exploring themes of loss and self-discovery. Dialogues with Irma Hibert will add depth to the discussion.

Thursday’s event will highlight Slovenian literature, with Borut Klabjan and Gorazd Bajc’s work “Baptism of Fire” offering insights into Trieste’s history.

As the month progresses, discussions will range from medieval folklore to wartime testimonies, reflecting the diverse interests of attendees.

Ubik Bookstore will serve as more than just a venue for literary events; it will foster intellectual curiosity and cultural exploration. As April’s events come to a close, the enduring spirit of Trieste’s literary community will remain palpable.

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