What To Do In Trieste This April 2024

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Spring is well and truly in the air as Trieste welcomes an April full of interesting cultural events in the city by the Adriatic sea. Here are our tips for things to do in April 2024, one for each day of the month.

1 April. This year’s rainy Easter Monday (also known as Pasquetta) is perfect for visting the Revoltella museum and its Van Gogh exhibit.

2 April. For an uplifting experience head for a walk on the Rilke Trail, with magnificent views over Duino.

3 April. Be inspired walking through San Giusto Castle’s ruins.

4 April. Take your kids to Immaginario Scientifico to learn about science in a fun and interactive way. 

5 April. Make friends at the weekly multicultural aperitivo at Bar Tergesteo from 7 pm on. Drinks, laughs, and great company guaranteed!

6 April. Take a train to visit the Basilica of Aquileia, which has 11th century frescos.

7 April. For a sweet treat near Piazza San Antonio, stop by Pasticceria la Bomboniera

8 April. Have you ever been to Udine, one of the most beautiful towns in Friuli just an hour away from Trieste?

9 April. This Tuesday is perfect for visiting Salgado‘s exhibition at the Salone degli Incanti. Open until 7 pm.

10 April. Bask in the beginning of spring’s blossoms with a picnic in Revoltella park.

11 April. Book a table at Ai Tre Magnoni and and try its misto affettati of cured meats and cheeses for appetizer.

Savoia Excelsior

12 April. Pop into Savoia Excelsior for an afternoon cocktail inspired by a 13th-century spice route.

13 April. Scour the wares at Mercatino Dell’antiquariato right behind Piazza Unità for unique additions to your spring wardrobe.

14 April. Go out this Sunday and raise a negroni – filled glass to all the good things in your life.

15 April. For a salty and savory brunch try LOOP by Piazza St Antonio. 

16 April. Keep colds at bay the Italian way and enjoy a spremuta d’arancia at your local bar.

17 April. Try a new recipe with the seasonal Romanesco broccoli from Mercato Coperto.

18 April. Stop by the Zazzeron market inside Galleria Rossoni and select a fine bottle of wine for dinner. 

War museum for Peace “Diego de Henriquez”

19 April. Check out War museum for Peace “Diego de Henriquez”, one of Trieste’s quirkiest but least-visited museums.

20 April. Try a custard-filled zeppole pastry – they are truly delicious!

Le zeppole di San Giuseppe prepared by La Bomboniera bakery

21 April. Admire the cherry blossoms around Orto Botanico in San Luigi neighborhood.

22 April. Meet friends for an aperitivo with a view at Barcola’s Pane Quotidiano.

Triestini enjoying an aperitivo at Pane Quotidiano

23 April. For today’s lunch, pick up a blue crab at one of the local fish shops.

24 April Celebrate spring with lunch and a walk along the beach in Villaggio del Pescatore in Duino. 

25 April. Celebrate Liberation Day with a lunch out at an osmiza. For open osmizas this season visit osmiza.com.

26 April. Bring a date for the opening night of “Cenerentola” opera at the Verdi theater.

27 April. Have you picked up the spring copy of InTrieste magazine yet? Available (for free) in all of the hip locations around town.

28 April. For a delicious lunch head to Agriturismo Milič in Sagrado.

29 April. Have you ever visited Trieste’s Little Paris

30 April. Escape to the town of Grado for a walk on a sandy beach.

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